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Name: Ken Castle
Canon: Gamer
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Right before Castle was about to break into a song and dance routine, in his home.
Number: 098

Setting: Wiki link for Gamer.

The setting of Gamer, as it’s described in the beginning of the film, is set in the near future, in New York City, on the planet Earth, as it is now. Everything seems to be the same; all the way up until the year that Ken Castle created a video game that the entire world got hooked on. The main driving forces behind the movie are two video games that have taken over civilizations. These games are so addicting, not just for the players, but also for the people who are being controlled. Yes. Controlled. The one playing the videogame does not play on a pixelated screen; they have a real, live human being at their disposal, and the entire world is their stage. The technology that allows this is also Castle’s creation; he calls it the nanex, which is basically a single nano-cell that is planted into the volunteer’s brain, until it replicates the cells repeatedly, until the motor cortex of the brain can be controlled by a remote, or, by a gaming device. The first game that was released to the public was called “Society”, which was done as a social network game, much like the video game “Second Life”. The players get to dress their avatar in whatever they want, and then can roam around the playable areas, such as hotels, cars, night clubs, etc. Anything you are too afraid to do in real life?

You can do in Society. The players pay to play, and the avatars get paid to be played. The second game, released a year after “Society” had made Castle famous and rich, was called “Slayers”. The concept behind “Slayers” was that if “Society” lets you live through other people, then “Slayers” lets you die through them. Castle had created it as a solution to the prison system, which was running out of money in its budget. Endorsed and cooperated by the United States government, the game allows players to control their own convict (called I-Cons) as if it’s a first person shooter type videogame. Any convict who is able to survive thirty matches gets set free. Simple as that, and many imprisoned people volunteered at the chance to get out before their time was up.

That’s where it all is, right now. More people signing up to hand their life over to someone else who’ll be in control, while Castle gets richer by the hour.

History: Ken Castle, a young man born in the American South, revolutionizing the gaming industry in the not so distant future. Set in New York, Gamer follows the life of John “Kable” Tillman, a man who is being controlled in a game called “Slayers”. Castle was the inventor of the game, after inventing the means to play it; self-replicating nanites that are injected into the brain and then replace the existing brain cells, allowing the person to be completely controlled by a third party. The first game that Castle created, using these nanites, is a game called “Society”. The game, much like Second Life, control an avatar in every single way, and can do whatever they want within the confines of the game. The only, and rather big, difference from a videogame is that players control real people, not a pixelated version of themselves. This game has taken the world by storm, with hundreds of people controlling others, and being controlled. Since there is some danger involved, in being controlled (no death, of course, but being injured, sexual situations, and eating disgusting things), the people who work as the characters in “Society” are extremely well paid for their participation in the game.

But before he even started the game, Castle sold the “nanex” idea to the United States government, telling them that he could make soldiers faster, stronger, and replace their brains with these self-replicating nano-cells, allowing the brain to never break down over time; a huge advancement in modern medicine. The first two volunteers for the project were Corporal Travis Scotch and John Tillman; they underwent the injections of nanites into their brains, and then, nine weeks into the experiment, Tillman shot Scotch in the head. He was sentenced to life in prison for it, and publicly, the project was discarded and considered a failure. But the truth was far, far worse; Castle considered the entire project a success, because when Tillman shot Scotch, Castle was the one who actually pulled the trigger. He forced a man to kill his best friend, just by having the nanex link override Tillman’s natural instincts against it. The experiment was a success, and while Castle allowed Tillman to be put in jail, he put it all aside so that there was no issue of Castle being blamed for what happened.

It was only a few months later that the technology came to light again, with a brand name game: Society. Castle’s latest project also involved the nanites and the nanex, by having people pay to control other people in his new society. A year after Society became an international success; Castle came up with his new game: Slayers. People could control real, live convicts (called I-Cons) who were on death row, and have them fight to the death to survive. Any convict who could make it through 30 matches of the game would be granted a full pardon, no problem with the government or the rest of the world. Tillman was in jail for two years before he was offered the position to become an I-Con, something that Castle helped facilitate behind the scenes; what better chance for him to cover all his tracks, by having his last victim, and as such, his last witness, killed in a completely legal way? Simon Silverton, a 17 year old gamer, gained control over Tillman, now called “Kable”, and the game was on its way to being another international success. What Castle didn’t expect was the ferocity of the team of Simon and Kable. They had survived 27 matches, which no one else had ever done, and with their newfound fame, Castle knew that there was a problem that needed to be fixed. For every one person out there who loved the game, there were just as many who hated both Castle and his company; an activist organization called the “Humanz” was on the top of that list.

Castle, giving his first interview in nine years with talk show host Gina Parker Smith, tells everyone why Slayers isn’t murder, and that Society is a game, nothing more. It’s during this interview that the Humanz hijack the broadcast, and tells everyone that Castle will eventually use the nanites to control everyone against their will. Castle laughs it off, of course, and then has his “geeks”, a group of bodyguard-like guys who only protect his computer systems, fix the television show’s firewall; Castle uses this time to flirt with Gina Parker Smith, telling her he’d like to “breach her firewall one day”. While Castle is flirting, the Humanz establish contacvt with both Simon Silverton and Kable, telling Kable that Castle is going to try to kill him, and telling Simon that they can get him to talk to Kable. And the Humanz were right; Castle was trying to kill Kable, by introducing a new I-Con who was not controlled by anyone.

All gamers and I-Cons, connected through the nanex, experience a small problem, something everyone calls “the ping”. It’s basically the second between the gamer giving commands to the I-Con, and the I-Con being able to move from the commands. This is what kills I-Cons the most; without that second between commands, anything can happen, and anyone can die from it. So, an I-Con not controlled by anyone? He’s basically a puppet without strings, capable of making all of his decisions for himself. This I-Con was sent in by Castle specifically to kill Kable, something that both Kable and Simon figured out before it happened. Once Simon has the hack from the Humanz that allows him to talk to Kable as well as get rid of the “ping”, Kable asks Simon to relinquish control of him in the last match. Kable then uses this time to escape out of the arena and go to find his wife and daughter, while the news tells everyone that he’s been fragged.

While Simon gets taken in by the police and questioned, and Tillman is officially AWOL from the game and is meeting with the Humanz leader, Castle is getting ready for Tillman to stop in and visit him. In fact, he had planned for it for a long time, seeing as he’d taken in Tillman’s daughter as his foster child, making sure that the law took her away from Tillman’s wife and putting her directly in his care. After Tillman kills Castle’s I-Con, he tells the Humanz that he was convicted of the murder that Castle really created, and they go into his mind to see the entire thing. Once he finds out that Castle has his daughter, he goes to Castle’s mansion to get her back. The first time that Tillman sees his daughter, he can’t get in to her; it’s just a projection on a big screen. This leads into Castle doing a song and dance number with I-Cons that he controls, making them dance and snap their fingers along with him, before attacking Tillman. He defeats them all, and Castle is delighted; he sees “Kable” as his greatest achievement, and is a little sad that he has to kill him.

But before he kills him, Castle lets him know that he’s going to have a little fun. He lets Tillman know that he himself has replaced his own brain with nanites, allowing him to control anyone infected with the technology. He demonstrates this by fighting Tillman, making the other man not fight him, while he displays his martial arts skills and beats him. Castle then tells Tillman that most of the Humanz have been found and killed, and then brings out Tillman’s wife, Angie, and his daughter, Delia. Letting Tillman go to his family, he forces him to “crawl on his belly like a toad” to them, and then tries to get Tillman to kill his own daughter; something he resists with all his might. The survivors of the Humanz hack into the system and broadcast this entire confrontation to the world, and then give Simon control of Tillman again, interfering with Castle’s control and letting Tillman move towards him. Using the interference and the information about Castle that he gave him, Tillman tells Castle to think about Tillman stabbing him; because he thinks of it, it lets Tillman do it, and he shoves the knife into Castle’s chest, killing him.

Castle is taken from before the song and dance number in his mansion. And to keep up the running trend...

Tl;dr Castle was the evil mastermind behind all of this, and all he really wanted to do was sing some Sinatra.

Personality: The best way to describe Ken Castle is to give him a name that everyone knows the definition of. In this particularly case, Ken Castle is the ultimate “fanboy”; the definition of a fanboy is that they are a person who is highly devoted and biased in opinion towards a single subject or hobby within a given field. Fanboys tend to be found around geek items, such as comic books, computer games, and anything else that is pretty scientific and fictional in nature. So, what does all of this have to do with Ken Castle? As said before, he is the ultimate fanboy, despite being a man. He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, and he’s horny all the time without having much of a chance to get laid. As much as the last one could be a joke, it truly isn’t one. But let’s start from the top, shall we?

Castle is a boy who likes to play at being a man. He loves alliteration and wordplay, something that he shows off to everyone he meets, even when it’s at his own expense. Castle doesn’t care if something damages him in some way; he’s one of those guys who can turn every negative into a positive, something that comes in handy when you have cyber-terrorists trying to break down your company at every turn. While he does seem to delight in their attempts, there is a real issue that they are fighting; Ken Castle is a mad man. When the group, called the “Humanz”, breaks onto the televised interview Castle is giving to a famous talk show host named Gina Parker Smith, he tells the television company to allow it to play. They proceed to show off their hacking skills by turning Ken Castle’s face into a “piece of shit”, something that actually delights Castle more than anything else. That’s where everyone really understands the fact that nothing can harm Castle, especially not anyone trying to discredit him by making him angry. Instead of becoming angry, he laughs, and then shows off the fact that billions of dollars can, and will, make someone invincible. It’s an easy fix for Castle, and he delights in showing that off, showing the television studio that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Which he does. Ken Castle knows exactly what he is doing, and how he is doing it. He built a company up from the bottom of the heap, and has made it into a worldwide phenomenon. He’s a smart guy, someone who is actually fairly competent, hidden underneath his charming, goofy exterior. He’s obviously a computer nerd, and all that implies. He was the one to come up with the “nanex”, which is a way of controlling someone from a remote distance. As Castle describes it, it “begins with a single nano-cell planted in the motor cortex of the brain. This cell can replicate, replacing the cells around it with perfect copies. These copied cells contain remote access functionality. Therefore, nano plus cortex equals the nanex.” Castle is the one who invented this, and he followed it up by being one of the shrewdest businessmen out there.

Instead of presenting this entire project to other companies already out there, he went straight to the United States government and sold them his idea. Just because it meant a few people might be hurt during it didn’t deter Castle. In fact, he took pride in the fact that he could hurt them, and then they wouldn’t even remember it later. While the project was disbanded after the death of one of the soldiers being tested on, Castle then took that project to the bank, creating the game called “Society”. It’s there that Castle gets to show off just how perverted he can be; this game, sort of like a “Second Life”, but using real people, is what made Castle famous. His eccentricity became a brand he could live by, and eventually, he’s shown that he has dissolved into the persona of Ken Castle, rather than try to live like a normal human being.

That’s what he does best. Castle has always been a little kooky, but now he’s able to be kooky and have people fall in love with it. What’s better than an ego-centric, billionaire playboy? Castle takes every day as a chance to do something just a little more outlandish then the previous day, and he has the money and the know-how to do that. He is a titan of his own making, and over time, he has evolved into the titular “puppet master”, the man who has the money and the resources to live in his own created fantasy, complete with everyone and everything under his control. But, being around people can be tiring, and Castle is a man who would rather be a recluse, rather than be out, having to deal with the public on a day to day basis. This is why he surrounds himself with similarly-clad personnel; a team of bodyguards that only guard what he treasures the most in his life, which is, unfortunately, his computer system. But he can protect it, and he can protect his life, just by playing out the life he wishes he could have. No one will ever know if Castle actually wants to live on a mountain, or in a field of flowers, but his walls, made of interactive computer screens, show off different stills of both of these places. Just like no one will ever know if Castle wanted to be a Broadway superstar, but if he’s given a chance to choreograph and sing his own song and dance number, he’s damn well going to do it. There’s absolutely no need for Castle to do any of this, but he does, and it’s not to make an impression on other people, or to have them wonder why he’s doing it. He does it because he can, and he knows he can get away with it.

So, when he makes Tillman shoot his friend? Castle wanted to see if he could do it, and he did. And then he got away with it, so he knew that he could do the same thing to a larger group of people, and still get away with it. He obviously shows off several key factors of a sociopath, turned loose into society and then given billions of dollars to do whatever he feels like doing when he wakes up that particular day. If he wakes up and decides he needs to jerk off for a few hours to pornography found on the internet? So be it. If he decides that he wants to have people become slaves to others, and then kill others for sport? So be it. If he wants to adopt a child, just because she happens to be the daughter of the man he turned into a convicted killer? Sounds like a Wednesday morning for Ken Castle. He’s odd, yes, but in the end, everything odd that he’s done has an explanation for it, even if the explanation is as simple as “he wanted to”. Sociopath 101: a gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations. A callous unconcern for the feelings of others, that’s what Castle exhibits every day.

Yes, he is meticulous, and a control freak, all while being absolutely insane. But he also has control over everything, even if that control is all in his mind. He’s in charge of his games, and he’s in charge of what happens to him. He’s the man in charge of Kable, of all people, even though someone else is playing him. How does all of this relate to being a fanboy of the highest degree? Both greed and perversion play a part in this. Lewd jokes about “breaking your firewall” aside, Ken is obviously a man who hasn’t had a lot of sex. Not quite a virgin, not quite a man. He still finds himself getting excited over meeting “Kable”, a man that he has known for some time, but now gets to fight hand to hand with him. He loves the games he’s created, both “Society” and “Slayers”, and if he had been given more time, he would have created more. Luckily, the illusion of invincibility that he throws around himself is not actually the truth.

When his own system, his own mind, once impervious to anything because he literally created a nanex with his own brain, is hacked, he experiences crushing defeat, a thing that has never entered his mind before then. He saw himself winning, and so he won. And in seeing the possibility of being defeated, he was. And, much like a fanboy who’s upset that someone else is saying bad things about “their” gaming system? Castle proceeds to have a crushing meltdown, after just meeting and kicking the ass of someone who he considered “awesome”. To lose the control he so selfishly kept to himself? He’s lost, not just his master strings, but he’s lost sight of who’s in control of his own strings.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: Ken Castle is a normal human being. Mostly. While is body is like any other normal human’s, he is, what he calls, “wired into the system”. This means that 98% of his brain has been covered and replicated by nanocells, creating the nanex that he had talked about previously. This means he has the Nantex link. This link provides Castle with a unique IP address which anyone could hack, if they had that skill. Castle doesn’t know that he can be controlled; he knows that he does all of the controlling, though, which leaves him at a slight disadvantage. He’s smart, though; a genius with computers, charming with the ladies, and has taken a few hand to hand combat lessons. As for weaknesses, most of them are shown easily; he’s not the strongest man out there. He’s in physical shape, but he’s more comfortable in a padded room, rather than in anywhere else. He’s not very good at relating to other people, nor feeling emphatic to their situations. He’s bound to try to find his “puppets”, and once he realizes he can’t control people as well as he once could? It’ll leave him shaken.

Inventory: Castle doesn’t tend to have too many different things on him at any given time, besides his clothes. He sometimes wears a baseball cap, which he should find, along with a high tech phone and tablet that are probably of his own making, though they look like Apple products. There will be a mobile version of both Slayers and Society on it, though anyone can see that they haven’t been looked at in a while.

Appearance: Ken Castle. The actor who plays Ken Castle is Michael C. Hall. He’s around 5’10”, with brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. He has slightly bushy eyebrows, and he sometimes wears a baseball cap, along with a loose, button down shirt and loose pants. Comfort over fashion, always.

Age: 40

AU Clarification: N/A


Log Sample:

This was the best part of everything, the anticipation that he felt right before something big. The anticipation made it all better, as he had learned from The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a young, young age. Everything that you did in life was always better right before you did it, when you were sitting there thinking about it. The moment before you actually had sex with a woman. The moment before you performed in front of an audience. The split second right before you pulled the trigger of a gun, forcing a man to kill his best friend. He was positively trembling with anticipation, right before he did that, and the thought of what he had made John Tillman do? Made Ken Castle smile. Gina Parker Smith probably thought that he was smiling at her, trying to butter her up before the big interview, but he was really smiling at a joke that no one else would understand. No one could, after all. It was a secret, just for him and John. Kable. Tillman. The name he called him by in his mind changed depending on the situation he was picturing him in, much as his names for everyone else changed depending on how he felt.

Right now, Gina Parker Smith was “the little bitch”, and she’d probably stay that way during the entirety of the interview. Which he still wasn’t sure completely why he was giving it. He’d made it this far without needing to deal with other people, hadn’t he? He’d created an international sensation! He, Ken Castle, was the greatest goddamn thing on this green earth, and everyone, everyone, all these people who’d give millions of dollars just to lick his dick knew it.

I think it, you do it, He thought with a self-satisfied smirk. They all did it. They all danced around like his little puppets, watching him in awe as he made them dance. And he did make them dance. Everyone did what he thought, everyone said what he thought, and everyone liked what he liked. They hated what he hated, and even those out there who hated him, even those out there, like those Humanz. The “Hue-manzzz”, the word he lets linger on his tongue, his Georgian drawl giving it a lascivious edge. Those cocksuckers didn’t even know the whole truth. They would never know, they could never know. Only he knew, him and Tillman. And Tillman, Kable, he was going to be dead soon, and that left the secret down to just him. He’d almost be sorry to be the last one to know. It was a good goddamn secret, after all. He’d make all the ladies wet themselves if he told them.

Speaking of. He gave his lollipop one last lick before taking it out of his mouth, letting it twirl between his fingers as he leaned back in his chair, giving his full attention to the talk show host. She was probably wetting herself right now, getting a chance to talk to him. And he’d make it good.

He’d make it so good.

“So. Slayers,” She leaned in, showed a little cleavage, and smiled. He grinned right back.


Comms Sample:
[One of the things Castle had never worried about much was nudity. He was right at home lounging in wall to wall rooms of peaceful and calming scenes, or out there on the basketball court that he still didn't really know why he had felt the need to make one.

Something to do with that awful "Cribs" show, he supposed. Or, just something to draw women to his bed. That thought would have usually been accompanied with an intense masturbation session, and while he was in the right stage of undress, he was not in the right place for that at all.

So. Where the hell was he? He followed the naked sheep to the locker room, found his own locker, and after flashing a disdainful look at the jumpsuit, he sat down and turned on the communicator, still naked.]

Lordy, lordy, lordy, but don't we have a fun time ahead of us! I do declare, this may be the biggest ship I've ever been on, and I'm not counting a guided tour of Howard Hughes' ode to his le doigt qui n’a pas d’ongle. [The words are quick and sarcastic, the accent someone from the American South.]

Now someone tell me how the fuck I got on this ship when I was right about to break out into some Sinatra!